Our school practicing the CBSE scheme of studies.CBSE has been a pioneering Board in endeavoring to focus on each of the modern trends of education.According to the instruction of CBSE we follows the latest Assessment system. Recently CBSE ask to conduct 2 periodic assessments and 2 terminal assessments up to 8th std and one pre mid –term assessment one mid-term assessment & one post mid term assessment for 9th & 10th classes . To ensure the quality of gifted students there are special arrangements.We are giving special coaching for educationally backward performers. All the applicants for admission are admitted without any screening test or interview.But we check whether a student is given T.C as an indisciplinary action. We give importance to learn Malayalam as it is the Mother tongue, even communication in the compound is in English. CBSE has consistently been striving to establish new bench marks in education through various reforms.We update all such reforms the earliest. We are practicing child centred classess here through a variety of activities to develop their creativity,better academic performance and mental growth.

Best Result in AISS Exam

    School consistently produced flying colour result in AISS Exam(X class). First batch candidates wrote the AISS Exam in March 2003 and placed cent percent results.The Same position continuous yearly.

    In the latest result 2019-20.

  • 75% Distinction.
  • 25% First class .
  • Nil% Second class .
  • The Central Human Resource Minister Smt.Smrithi Irani personally congratulated the students teachers and the Principal for the best achievement in AISS Exam result.

    Yearly many students are getting CBSE’s Merit Certificate for getting A1 in all the subjects. We give chances to participate in many other competitive Exams also to the Students who are willing to write it.

    Our More Achivements

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Principal's Message

“Education is the most of powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”-Nelson Mandela We are practicing the updated systems,introduced by CBSE and NCERT successfully and preparing the students ready to grow as a world citizen. Started in 1998-99,during the passed years school achieved great progress. Every year in the All India Secondary School Examination our students shows colourful performance scoring 100% result with high marks. We give chance to students to develop their inborn talents through Kalotsav ,Club activities and many other celebrations . To develop good performance, discipline ,character,attitudes etc among students the co-operation of parents,teachers authorities etc are needed. For this we have a good P T A in our institution.Right from the child hood,to a large part of adolescence,the human development is nurtured and nursed by teachers.we have trained,qualified and experienced teachers,who are kind comforting,helpful ,supportive and resourceful. Our prayer to the unknown power is “Bless our hearts granding the ability ,strength and right view To hold the hands and guide the pure innocent souls to take them through the steps pleasently, Without falling to the higher levels to lead them through the stones and thorns of life. So bright and right and raising their heads straight,to make Indian Public School A centre of wisdom and achieve the Motto of our institution”Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya”.

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Chairman's Message

Indian Public School was formed in 1998 from the dream of some gentle personalities in Koyilandy and is the first CBSE School in this area.Its managed by a Charitable organization –“National Education Charitable Trust”.The main concern of education is the holistic development of the child. In our institution we give importance to acquire knowledge and integrate human values.Qualitative citizens are the wealth of a nation.We try to create and attitudes consideration to fellow begins,sympathy and helpful mind to disabled ones,respect to parents and elders,healthy living,love to the environment,love and respect to Mother Country,hard working for the development of the nation etc among our students.Our motto is “Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya”. We do the best to fulfil our aims.

Extra Activities

National days,Kids festival,Kalotsav,Excursion for lower,middle and higher classes ,Sports etc are conducting.Classes on Meditation, Yoga, and many awareness programmes like ‘Diseases caused by modern life style’,Road safty week,World environmental Day etc are held.Club activities like Eco-club, Science club, Maths club, Social club, Literary club etc are conducting different programmes to the students. We have chance to visit the homes of disabled ,old aged, diseased and helpless ones.Students show willingness to donate to the paliative care units, Association for blind etc.All these activities are the part of “Life Skill Education” and give them the experience to know the realities of the life of the society and to grow in them love, sympathy, kindness and an helping mind to the helpless ones. We have a unit of Junior Red cross in our institution.




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